Transportation Facility

“At Image International School’s Play School, the safety and convenience of our young learners are paramount. We provide a reliable and secure transportation facility to ensure a seamless journey to and from the school premises. Our fleet of specially equipped vehicles is designed to prioritize the comfort and well-being of the children, with trained drivers and attendants dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable commuting experience. Parents can trust our transportation services to deliver their precious ones to school and back home with the utmost care, allowing them to focus on their child’s educational journey with peace of mind.”


School Policy

At Image International School, we believe in creating a conducive and harmonious learning environment. Our general rules and policies are designed to ensure the well-being, safety, and academic success of every student. It is essential for parents and students to familiarize themselves with the following guidelines:

1. Attendance and Punctuality:

- Regular attendance is crucial for academic success.
- Students are expected to arrive on time for classes and school events.

2. Uniform Code:

- Adherence to the school uniform is mandatory.
- Personal grooming should reflect the school's standards.

3. Discipline and Conduct:

- Respectful behavior towards peers, teachers, and staff is non-negotiable.
- Bullying, discrimination, or any form of misconduct will not be tolerated.

4. Academic Integrity:

- Plagiarism and cheating in any form are strictly prohibited.
- Honesty and integrity are fundamental principles upheld in all academic activities.

5. Communication:

- Open and transparent communication between parents and teachers is encouraged.
- Regular updates and announcements will be communicated through official channels.

6. Safety and Security:

- The safety of students is paramount. All safety protocols must be followed.
- Visitors must adhere to the school's security procedures.

7. Health and Wellness:

- Students are required to maintain good personal hygiene.
- Medical records and emergency contact information must be kept up to date.

8. Use of Technology:

- Responsible use of technology is expected.
- Unauthorized use of electronic devices during classes is not permitted.

9. Extracurricular Activities:

- Participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged for holistic development.
- Commitment to team activities and events is expected.

10. Parental Involvement:

- Parents are encouraged to actively participate in school events and parent-teacher interactions.
- Support and cooperation between parents and the school are vital.

11. Transportation Guidelines:

- Students using school transportation must adhere to the rules set by the transportation department.
- Parents are requested to coordinate with the school for any transportation-related concerns.

12. Code of Ethics:

- Upholding ethical standards is essential for the school community.
- Any violation of the school's code of ethics will be addressed appropriately.

These general rules and policies aim to create a nurturing and academically focused environment at Image International School. We appreciate the cooperation of parents, students, and staff in ensuring that our school remains a place of growth, respect, and excellence.

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